OHSAS 18001 Certificate and Logo Usage Rules

OHSAS 18001 Certificate and Logo Usage Rules


This guideline includes the principles for the usage of GCE logos by authorized establishments.


GlobalCert and GCE Logos are used by the certified organization / entity named the GCE Brand in orderings.

GCE Brand is the GlobalCert GmbH brand which is internationally registered. This demonstrates that the Management System of an organization, a product or an entity has been certified by a certification body recognized internationally by GlobalCert and that the valid certificate is recognized worldwide. This GCE Brand is provided to be used by the certified Organization / entity,

This GCE Brand is owned by GlobalCert GmbH. GCE Brand is presented to the organization / entity to be used with a non-cancelled certification and surveillance agreement with GlobalCert GmbH and certification and accreditation rules must be complied with for this purpose.

If the certification / surveillance agreement has been cancelled by GCE and/or the organization / entity has violated the rules of certification / accreditation, GlobalCert has the right to restrict the usage of the GCE Brand.

If the Organizations / entity certified by GCE is operating in the production sector, they cannot use GCE logos directly on their products (as if it is a quality certificate given to the product and not the quality system) as this will misinform their customers. However, if an expression such as “This product has been manufactured in our facilities / company where ( ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 , OHSAS 18001 etc. ) are implemented”, which indicates that the certificate has not been given for the product but the Management System, can be used on the package and near the logo to prevent misunderstandings

Additionally, it can be used by indicating or not indicating that the certificate has been given to the Management System in advertisements, catalogs, invoices, etc. in Production and Service sectors.

In addition, the establishment cannot use the System Certification symbol (logo) in its areas of activity that are not covered by the certificate belonging to the management system.

The agreement made with the customer, the certificate that is given and the GCE Logo in the appendix are integral parts of this guideline.




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